Genius Hour 2

Zodiac Killers Sign

Zodiac Killers Sign

I have decided to switch my focus to criminal profiling and forensic science because it was hard to get information about criminal profiling. Now that I’ve started doing forensic science it’s more easier to find information about criminal profiling and harder to find information about criminal profiling. I’ve found out there is lots of steps to profiling and that it’s harder to be a high risk than low risk. Also that offenders that are high risk place themselves in situations where they might get caught instead of low risk victims which place themselves in situations where they won’t get caught. Also that there are more than 100 serial killers that are thought to be active out there. Each year 40% of cases are cold cases. Also almost every serial killer has a signature which is something the do or leave on all victims or everytime they kill. Serial killers that are organized plan everything and don’t leave a trace of evidence on the other hand some serial killers are disorganized which means they killed out of impulse and left evidence. I didn’t get that much information on forensic science. I found out that there’s different kinds of evidence there’s physical evidence which is objects left with the victim or crime scene and trace evidence which is hair, skin, dna, etc. All these can determine suspects, give leads, prove innocents, etc.

Genius Hour



an-integrative-look-at-criminal-behavior-4-638 imagesI decided to work on how to criminal profile. Criminal Profiling or a Criminal Profiler is someone is someone who can tell the characteristics and background of the unknown subject(unsub) by looking at the characteristics of the offense. This is important to me because I want to help stop serial killers and other bad people. My goal for this project is that I’ll find out how to profile and be able to profile a crime scene to catch a killer. I also decided to work on forensic science. Forensic Science is when you analyze a body or crime scene to find out what happened to the victim or who killed the victim. This is important to me because if I don’t become a Criminal Profiler then I want to become a Forensic Scientist. My goal by the end of the project is to be able to find a finger or solve a fake crime.

College Visit

WCNOVDSNSZOTQKR.20131025151515For my college visit I went to ISU. The best part of the trip was when we ate because they had a really good smoothie and really good bread sticks. It surprised me that they want you to kiss your college girlfriend under on of the clock towers on new years. They took us to the molecular biology lab and showed us how to solve a case. We also saw a presentation on virtual reality it told what it was and how they did it. They showed us what was in the C6 and I didn’t know that it was a virtual reality thing. Also Iowa State id the only college that has a C6. It has a 16.7 million pixels and 24 cameras that have like 4 times the quality that HD Tvs have. In some classes if you have your phone out the professor will come and read your messages and go back to teaching. They also took us by frat and sorority houses. I also got to talk to the Iowa State Track Coach and the track team got to go to the Leid Rec Center and we went into the weight room.


On April 22 I get to go on a trip to the Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells for band. We play two songs called Light of Dawn and Rough Riders. I like Light of Dawn better because it easier to play and I have the easier part. I’m going to be there for two days. On the first day we get to go to the theme park or water park. I think I might go to the water park though. I heard that the rooms are really nice. I might have to stay with a bunch of seventh graders though. My cousin went there two years ago she said that really fun. I think I might bring subway to eat on the way down. My mom said that I need to save some of my money to go so I might start working at Hy-Vee or Fareway. Track practice starts today I hope I get to run the 200 or do long jump. Last year I had to run the 4x4oo, 4×200, 400, 200, 100 and I didn’t do any field event but i threw shot-put during practice. I workout so that I can get my legs stronger so I can run faster. I want to try to beat the 4×400 or 4×200 school records or the 100 record. This year I hope we get 1st in all of are meets. Last year we always got 1st when we didn’t go against Urbandale. My mom said that shes going to get me some spikes for my meets. This summer I get my moped and if I do I’m not really going to be at home. I have to take a course first to get the license to drive. I hope this summer I get to go to hot-topic i haven’t but I want to go on the the amazing adventure that only certain people understand. I also want to get some short-sleeved hoodies from there. I also want to see the new suicide squad movie. I also want to see the new Disney movies.

Evaluating the challenge

The most interesting challenge for my was the food post. I have visited a lot of blogs I just haven’t left comments. I haven’t read the flipboard magazine. A plus to the blogging challenge is that I got a reason to blog. The most important thing I learnt was about different types of food.

Blog Audit

I wrote 9 posts. All of my post were for the student blogging challenge. I received 3 comments from teachers. My about me post was the post that received the most comments. I think it received more because it was about me and what I like to do. I enjoyed writing my Halloween post the most because I came up with the that was a dream I had once. I have changed my blog theme a couple of times because I just can’t stick to one thing and I always find a new interest. My teacher has mentioned widgets and I know what they are I just haven’t had the time to put any on my blog. We didn’t go over blogrolls because we had thanksgiving. I used pictures to represent my self.



Constellations & Solar System

Constellations are one of my favorite things to look at night. I used to go out and look for them with my cousins. Now sometimes when I’m outside at night i just lay back and look at them. My favorite constellation is aquarius because it my zodiac sign. Constellations are stars in groups that make a pattern of a person or animal etc.  There are 88 official constellations found by the IAU(International Astronomical Union).  Some constellations are only located in the northern hemisphere. The sun is the only star that is not apart of a constellation. Constellations where discovered 10,000 years ago by cavemen but the earliest record dates 3,000 years ago. In Orin’s belt there’s star Betelgeuse. The great red spot is on the planet Jupiter it a red spot that doesn’t move. A solar eclipse is a natural event that takes place on Earth when the Moon moves in its orbit between Earth and the Sun (this is also known as an occultation). You can’t look at a solar eclipse directly because the bright light can still blind you. Solar eclipse only happen once every 1-2 years which makes them a rare event.  During a total solar eclipse if any planets are in the sky they can be seen as points of life. If you lived at the North or South Pole you would see only partial solar eclipses. People in other parts of the world can see partial, total, annular, and hybrid eclipses. The longest solar eclipse lasted 7 minutes 30 seconds. Almost identical eclipse occur after 18 years 11 days. This period of 223 synodic months is called a saros. Depending on the geometry of the sun, moon, and earth there can between 2-5 eclipse each year. When all the Hydrogen has been burned, the Sun will continue for about 130 million more years, burning Helium, during which time it will expand to the point that it will engulf Mercury and Venus and the Earth. At this stage it will have become a red giant.


Week 6 visiting blogs

Shelby’s Blog

I like the way she introduced herself and talked about what she liked. I think that Shelby and I have a lot in common because I like screamo and anime too.  I’m also in band she’s plays the trumpet and I play the calrinet though.

Austin’s Blog

I visited Austin’s blog She’s a girl and she doesn’t say how old she is.  shes likes to listen to bands and she likes listening to anime. I like the how she listed her favorite shows and stuff.

Mackenzie’s Blog

I visited Mackenzie’s blog She’s 13 years old.  Shes a vegetarian and i like the way she gave a reason why shes a vegetarian.

Austin’s Blog

I like his story and the way he wrote it. We both like netflix and youtube.

Sarah’s Blog

I like the way she explained what she does. I like the way she gets candy and hands out candy. We also have lots of things in common.

Kiwi’s Blog

I visited Kiwi’s Blog one because I like the fruit kiwi and becasue he also likes basketball.

Tramere’s Blog

I visited tramere’s blog because we both like football and basketball.

Brett’s Blog 

Me and brett both like to wrestle but I like the broncos and he likes the lions. Hes only 12 years old too.

 Jermey’s Blog 

Jeremy likes wrestling  and football  same as me. I think he likes tractors and stuff like that though. Hes 13 years old too.

Sydra’s Blog

Sydra is 13 and she likes anime she wants to be writer. Her favorite colors are lime green, purple, black, and red.

Our Food

Pizza is my favorite food because I like the cheese and pepperoni. It’s on of Americas favorite food. I eat pizza almost every Friday. I eat and watch scary and funny movies with my cousins. Here are some facts about pizza. 36 percent of all pizza orders are want their toppings pepperoni.s precisely why the top 5 pizza sales days are: Super Bowl Sunday, New Year’s Eve, Halloween, The night before Thanksgiving, & New Year’s Day. Pizza accounts for most of all the food service sales. October is national pizza month. Domino’s is the world leader in delivery. Pizza delivers claim women are better tippers. Eating pizza once a week can reduce the risk of esophageal cancer. 36 percent of people consider pizza the perfect breakfast. The largest pizza was made in Norwood Pick ‘n Pay.  About 3 billion pizzas are sold annually in the U.S. The pizzeria was opened in Italy. The first pizzeria in the United States was opened up by Gennaro Lombardi in 1895 in New York City. The word “Pizza” was documented in the Italian city of Gaeta  in 997 AD. It was in the 18th century that the poor around the area of Naples got accustomed to adding tomatoes to their yeast-based flat bread, and that’s how the modern pizza began. Today’s pizzas are characterized  by a soft flatbread base, tomatoes and cheese.



   Once there was a castle in the castle there lived a vampire and his 2  sons Knight and Star. The vampire was a peaceful but the villagers always came to his house with pitch forks and fire stick. One day one of the villagers came and lit his castle on fire. While the castle was burning on how his sons got out the other one was trapped, So the vampire went and rescued the other son. While saving the other son the vampire died. 15 years later Star is 18 years old and rebuilt their fathers castle. Knight is somewhere in another world but his Star called him back for a Halloween dinner. While Knight is on his way back to the castle Star is running around the city drinking peoples blood. As soon as Knight gets back the villagers are scared to death to come up to the castle. So the have a quiet Halloween dinner but as Knight was on his way to the castle. He heard that peoples blood Star had been drinking blood from the people in the city. He asked star if he had and star said that he hasn’t been drinking their blood. One night Star left the house and Knight followed him. Star heard went into a building  Knight to the building and heard a scream. Knight kicked in the door and saw Star holding a women he had blood on his fangs. Knight asked him what did he do? Star told him to just go look to see if he could find the vampire who did this. Knight ran to get the vampire how did this and started chasing him. Eventually the vampire got away he went back to the and saw the women and Star sitting. He asked whats going on and who is she. Her name a is Cosmos and their is a vampire attacking all the people closest to me and your next. I said so I’m bait and he said yes since he think she’s dead. I go and sit at the highest skyscraper and the vampire shows up. We start to fight and I get him in the cuffs which takes away his powers. We take him back to the castle and lock him in the dungeon. As were getting ready to go to sleep I hear a knock at the door and I go answer it and its a army of vampires. But that’s a tell for another time.


By: RebecaSaray

By: RebecaSaray